About Paula

About Paula

Paula Lavender combines her passion for sewing with over 25 years of practicing the art of fabric marbling, to bring you these exquisite hand-marbled quilting fabrics.

These stunning marbled designs are created by floating textile ink on plant-pulp gel. Combs and picks are drawn through the liquid to manipulate the colors and shapes. Fabrics are laid on the surface to absorb the swirling paint, thus creating a one-of-a-kind mono-print. Inspiration for the colors comes from gardens, animals, landscapes as well as quilts themselves.

Ms. Lavender takes great pleasure in offering you these unique fabrics for use in quilting, fashion and decorating.

Paula also teaches fabric surface design techniques to students of all ages and abilities. Groups and quilt guild are encouraged to invite me to teach surface design workshops.

Here are three photos that depicts surface design techniques.